How to Create Engaging Podcasts?


A good podcast is magical…. It creates a very personal bond with the listener by whispering straight into their ear, captivating their attention, luring them into the core of the message, and keeping them enchanted until the very end. However, most podcasts fail to build connection with their audience; pushing the listeners to click away before the most important content can be heard, let alone felt in their hearts. As an author, expert or a speaker you might consider including podcasts into your repertoire of multimedia tools.  Today we will share 5 traits of captivating and enchanting podcasts.


#1. Persona: Your personality is very important for podcasting. This persona consists of different things:

  1. Voice: Your voice needs to project into your audience’s ear. You can change your tone, you can slow down, you can pause, you can speak up, or you can talk softly for different effects.
  2. Sense of humor. Are you going to tell a joke or a funny story?
  3. Perspective: You can also incorporate your political or social perspective to show your cause to your audience and make them either agree or disagree with you (even if they disagree you will still achieve engagement!).
  4. Your energy level. Imagine talking with a monotonous tone through the entire podcast… you are going to fall asleep there, right?
  5. Emotion: What really helps me is to have a visual in front of me… When I just need to read something it creates different, somewhat “disconnected” energy, but pictures ignite my emotion.

#2 Fresh blood.  You can bring a co-host to your show, or have someone to interview. It will help you spice up your podcast and bring another perspective for a more balanced picture of the topic. It will also raise your credibility. Somehow when people see that other smart, talented, famous people work with us, this increases our image in their eyes. It is also nice to have male- female; higher- lower voices juxtaposed to each other; and it is also fun to clash different personalities.

#3 Music. Music is very powerful.  It helps you to engage your speakers, separate different parts of the podcast, grab people’s attention , set the mood, and it also makes you look and sound more professional and polished. You can use bumper music that creates your brand… (like mine at the beginning of the “Hot Topics Wednesdays”).

#4 Sound effects. Sound effects are very powerful.They are great for emphasizing a point, making a joke, and attracting attention.

#5 Surprise. Surprise is a crucial tool in your podcasting. You need to understand that your audience will come to expect a certain framework from your podcasts. It is good to have structure that people rely on, but at the same time you don’t want to be too predictable. You want to have a great balance of your signature structure and then throw something unexpected.

Here are some free resources that can help you create your first podcast:


Free Audacity Training:

Free Sound Recorder:

Free Sound Effects:

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