Don’t let Negative People Scare the Living Bejeepers Out of You Online!

A and M

Whether you run an online business, are very active on social networking sites, date, or study online, you will inevitably meet people who will send you negative messages or leave unpleasant comments on your site. Often negativity online is expressed even more intensely then in face-to face situations because of the so-called “disinhibition effect”, according to which people express themselves more freely online than in a traditional setting because of invisibility and delayed response. Today we will give you 2 “don’ts” and 3 “do’s”  to help you raise your energy on this scary pre-Halloween Thursday.

#1  Don’t bring in “the Terminator”

It is very easy to get pulled into the negative energy and start acting on the same level as the offender. We believe that there is nothing more destructive that you can do for your own reputation (and your own sanity!) than escalating into a flame war (term created by Anastasia!). In the end, nothing is resolved and everyone walks unhappy.

#2 Don’t sink and sulk

Don’t let the negative comments affect your self-esteem and your overall happiness. Unfortunately, humans are wired to skip over or disbelieve the praise and hold on to the criticism. We, women, often let negative comments affect us on a deeper level and remember them for a long time. However, learn to see negativity as a sign of your success. The more you rock as a business woman, the more negative comments you will receive!   Nowadays, I look at such remarks and tell myself that I must be doing something right and even thank my negative guests for contributing to my SEO optimization. (Hey, the more comments I get on my posts, the higher up my website goes in the search engine!)

#3 Use “Love never fails” strategy

I usually try to remember this wisdom and respond with gratitude to any negative comment. I thank the writer for taking their time to express their opinion and promise to take it into account. You will see that this works like magic, and your “so-called” offender may become your #1 fan!

#4 “Build a Finesse Sandwich”

If you really need to stand your ground and defend your point of view, remember to do it with class by creating a “finesse” sandwich.

First start with a “thank you”– you need to neutralize your opponent.

Then prove your point and end with best wishes.

 #5. Use ‘0 tolerance’ rule for bullies

If you are a target of cyber-bullying, do not respond. Do not give it ANY of your attention… nothing, zero, NADA! Block the bully, unfriend them, or ban them from your site. You can also use reporting tools to show offense online.

Now, in the comments below tell us how YOU deal with negative people?

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