FB-ad-291x300Dr. Marina Kostina and Anastasia Pryanikova, M.A., J.D. are co-founders of Bookphoria. They use heart-based and brain-friendly strategies to help experts, speakers and authors make their expertise both in demand and on demand by converting expert content into dynamic and interactive online trainings and multimedia information products.  Dr. Marina Kostina, the founder of Wired@Heart, helps experts transcend distances in online learning. She co-authored an Amazon Bestseller “The Golden Climate in Distance Learning.” Anastasia Pryanikova, the founder of The Brain Alchemist, translates neuroscience insights into tools and solutions in the areas of  communication, conflict management, public speaking, presenting, and digital storytelling. She has co-authored “SuccessOnomics” and “World Class Speaking in Action” and appeared as a guest expert on “The Brian Tracy Show” on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the U.S.

Gift #1:  Audio recording “Opening your VALVE of Transformation”

Learn about the power of rewiring your brain for positive change and start on a path of profound transformation in a brain-friendly way by opening your VALVE of Transformation:


Gift #2:

FANology Playbook

FANology Playbook reveals how to be dazzling, not dull in social media. When your fans always have a choice to click away, what makes them stay? Meet The Storyteller, The Treasure-Hunter, The Enchanter, The Connector, and The Peacemaker as they reveal the secret tools they use in online communities to enchant and engage their members. They explain the alchemy of their work and offer ingredients you can add to your social media presence to make it more brain-friendly in light of recent neuroscience and new media psychology research.

These 27 brain-friendly activities will help you:
• Connect with amazing people, grow your fan base and expand your brand.
• Understand your fans’ needs and desires.
• Build stronger relationships with your fans to boost loyalty and evangelism.
• Manage your online reputation.
• Deal with negative comments and reviews.
• Gain fans’ insights to improve your offerings and your customer experience online.


“FANology Playbook is a must-have book for anyone who wants to conquer social media (whether you are a beginner, or an advanced user). Anastasia provides a very unique approach to social media and teaches you how to engage and enchant your audience online. If you follow her advice, you will be able to cut through the fog of information on the internet and make your message stand out in the cyberspace. The book also helps you to build a solid reputation positioning yourself as an expert. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!”

~Marina Kostina, http://www.wiredatheart.com

“FANology gives you fingertip answers and success tips to navigate your way through today’s rapidly changing social media.
Fantasia, the voice of the fans, serves as your personal tour guide to understanding the jargon and engaging your way safely through the labyrinth from launching and managing your fan community to optimizing your services and products.
This step by step guide book is perfect for newbies to social media and for those who have gotten overwhelmed with it as well.

You can use FANology as your key to and bible for all you need to know and do in social media campaigns.
I personally have received business from the activities listed in FANology templates.

FANology also teaches you how to handle negative comments and online reputation management issues and how to build loyalty and trust.”

~ Nancy Kaye, http://defineyourdestiny.com/


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